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At International Medical Corps job satisfaction means something a bit different to regular careers:

It means immunising the children of an entire village against polio.

It means providing food, clean water and shelter to families that have lost everything.

It means knowing you contributed to the training of local nurses, doctors, and health care workers that will provide life saving care to their communities long after a crisis has subsided.

Whether at our London headquarters, or in the field, International Medical Corps offers a wide variety of rewarding opportunities for professionals at all stages of their careers.

Overseas vacancies

Search all International Medical Corps opportunities from around the world

If you are interested in volunteering with International Medical Corps, either in the UK or overseas, find out more here

Ebola emergency response vacancies

We are recruiting for qualified healthcare practitioners, water, sanitation and environmental experts, psychosocial staff, logistics, human resources and finance professionals to work with us in Ebola Treatment Centres in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Find out more about our roles and how you can apply.

To apply for a vacancy please follow the instructions in the advert. For most vacancies you will be required to complete an online application form which can be found at the bottom of the advert, however, for some vacancies we may ask for a CV and a Cover Letter. Please follow the instructions for each position and apply accordingly.

Applications should be emailed to: [This e-mail address is protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Postal applications are also accepted and should be sent to:

HR / Recruitment Unit
International Medical Corps UK
254-258 Goswell Road,
London EC1V 7EB


Case study: A decade at the forefront of humanitarian aid

Andy was a key leader in International Medical Corps’ successful response to the Libyan conflict

Andy Gleadle is International Medical Corps’ Director of Programme Performance and Accountability based in London. He has been deployed by International Medical Corps UK to many of the major humanitarian crises of the last decade holding both technical and managerial roles during these emergencies. With a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Andy began his career in the health sector as a registered nurse in the NHS. After volunteering to work in Africa on a number of short term projects Andy joined International Medical Corps and has since developed a successful career helping deliver humanitarian relief to communities affected by disasters, conflict and poverty.

“My experience is typical of International Medical Corps’ commitment to helping people adapt their existing skills and experience to  humanitarian work. A career with this organisation offers varied and challenging work experience for volunteers and interns looking to gain an entry into the humanitarian field as well as a career path and development opportunities for those already employed in the sector.

International Medical Corps gave me the opportunity over many years and in many different roles to broaden my experience and expand my expertise. Starting out as a programme manager, utilising my nursing skills, I have progressed onto country director and regional management roles and now have a global role for International Medical Corps as we continue to expand the breadth and depth of the essential services we offer to people who need us most, wherever they are in the world.”



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