A day in Tomping’s maternity clinic

Take a look inside our maternity clinic in Juba, which provides vital reproductive health care to mothers and their families, forced to flee their homes to the UN site in South Sudan. Many of the International Medical Corps staff both live and work in the camp and are lifesaving First Responders for their community.

First Responders in Nigeria

Try and keep a straight face guys!


A few of our favourite First Responders



Down but not out in Mali

In the face of adversity, triggered by conflict, failed harvests and poverty, these Malians have shown remarkable resilience. Often heartbreaking, their stories are never desperate. The European Commission supports numerous partners in Mali to help those most in need recover and become their own best First Responders



Living through Typhoon Haiyan

Local people with the right skills and support are the most effective First Responders.


Maikki’s story tells us why.


Young people lead the way in Cambodia

One euro spent in disaster preparedness can actually save four euro after a storm or disaster has hit.