Celebrate Humanitarian Heroes on #WHD2014

World Humanitarian Day is a moment to celebrate how ordinary people  can help transform communities through extraordinary actions.

Our First Responders campaign honours humanitarian heroes all around the world by sharing their extraordinary stories. Watch and share their inspiring stories and help spread the word about the important work of humanitarian workers.

Meet three humanitarians responding to the Cameroon food crisis

Ask humanitarians from around the world what it’s like

Join us for a Google Hangout hosted by the European Commission on World Humanitarian Day. First Responders from conflicts and crises around the world will be discussing the challenges of delivering help to those most in need. This is your chance to ask any thing you ever wanted to know about life as a humanitarian aid worker.

When? Join us online at 16:30 – 17:30 Central European Time, Tuesday 19th August

Where? Visit the  European Commission’s Google Plus page when the Hangout starts

Who? Speakers will include Dr Christian Mulumba, International Medical Corps country director in Central African Republic and First Responders from South Sudan, and Lebanon.

I am a humanitarian because….

Ever wondered why people choose to become humanitarians? These humanitarian workers tell us what motivates them.


Humanitarian Heroes in pictures

Ever wondered what a humanitarian does? Take a look in our photogalleries showing ordinary people delivering extraordinary actions as we celebrate World Humanitarian Day.

Pamela a hero of Typhoon Haiyan

When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines Pamela drove all night into the carnage to search for her brother, who was lost. She searched the city for four straight days, and eventually found him. Today she helps rebuild health clinics destroyed in the storm. See her story

Despite war in South Sudan Mary didn’t give up

Mary has muscular dystrophy which means her muscles are getting weaker as she gets older. Wanting to support people in the camp and continue with her education, Mary now works in the International Medical Corps maternity clinic inside an aircraft hangar on the base near where she lives, supporting mothers, families and babies. Her story in pictures

Women health workers of Bangladesh

As we celebrate  World Humanitarian Day this month enjoy these incredible pictures of community health workers in Bangladesh. The World Food Programme and European Commission trained these ordinary women to take extraordinary action. Take a look


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