Corporate Parnerships

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With more than 25 years of experience in responding to disasters International Medical Corps has built numerous productive partnerships with the private sector including GlaxoSmithKline; British Petroleum; Barclays Capital; Thames River Capital; Hilton Hotels; Nike; Starbucks; Yahoo and many more.

We are always looking for partners in the UK to join us in our mission to save lives and assist the recovery of disaster affected communities worldwide.

For more information on becoming a corporate partner, please contact Kerry Kingsmill, Director of Resource Development & Communications 020 7017 3161  or email us

Benefits of supporting International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps offers opportunities for UK businesses to build their profile in the emerging markets of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where we carry out our work, and to demonstrate their corporate social values to their staff and customers.

The good health of communities devastated by disasters is fundamental to their capacity for self reliance and future economic activity, and we strive to recognise and promote the role of our corporate partners to those governments, businesses and communities where we are delivering lifesaving health services.

International Medical Corps will do all that we can to support your efforts through:

  • A dedicated staff member allocated to support your work for to International Medical Corps UK to help your staff achieve whatever goals they set in relation to our partnership
  • Publicity, at home and in the countries where we work, of your organisation’s commitment to the lifesaving work we carry out
  • Opportunities for your business to understand and be connected to communities where we work with regular briefings and key information on the impact and difference you are helping to make as well as the  opportunity to visit the work you are supporting to see the difference you are making first hand
  • Invitations to exclusive and special events to connect with other, likeminded supporters, and briefings from senior leadership members on key aspects of our work

How your company can support us

Our corporate partners make a crucial difference to our work.   But it is just as important, partnering with International Medical Corps UK can have a positive impact on the strategies and challenge you face in your business.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement initiatives can be a great way to increase motivation and satisfaction across your workforce.

Many of our partnerships are grounded in a fundraising commitment by businesses and their employees, channeling the enthusiasm of staff to transform lives. International Medical Corps UK can help teams by discussing fundraising ideas and activities or once in a lifetime treks at home and overseas.  We will be delighted to work with you on a tailored programme of activity which supports your business objectives and helps to change lives.

Brand engagement

International Medical Corps UK works with a variety of different corporate partners to create mutually beneficial partnerships that deliver significant commercial benefit as well as raising vital funds for our work.

Business Charity partnerships can deliver real and tangible results for you, whether that is new customers or increased sales.

Our most successful collaborations have been defined by understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of every partner. We recognize that every organization has unique strategic objectives, markets, audiences and visions for the future. Our partnerships are based on exploring common ground and developing innovative initiatives that work for everyone; the partner, International Medical Corps UK, your customers and our supporters.

Company Donation

Thank you for choosing to make a donation to International Medical Corps UK from your company. Your gift will help International Medical Corps UK with its work all over the world, supporting communities from relief to recovery and resilience.

Emergency Support

At any one time, International medical Corps UK is responding to around 25 emergencies worldwide, requiring an enormous logistical resource network.

From providing upfront funds, gift in kind support, or access to publicise our appeals to customers, your business can enable us to respond immediately.  All of these enable International medical Corps UK to respond immediately. It is a smart solution to supporting our emergency work, covering a broad range of activities such as disaster risk reduction, emergency warehouse stocks and funding our immediate response.


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