Humanitarian Ambassadors

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We are looking for young people in the UK, who share our passion for building a safer, healthier world, to join the International Medical Corps’ Humanitarian Ambassador Scheme.


How the scheme works

As a Humanitarian Ambassador you will play a vital role in our work saving lives and rebuilding communities affected by disasters, conflict and poverty.


How the Scheme helps our work?

Humanitarian Ambassadors help us to spread the word about our work.

The action you take includes a mixture of fundraising and awareness raising activities in your school or local community.

International Medical Corps provides ideas, advice and all of the materials and support you need to make your activities a success.


Where do you want to save a life today?

What really matters is how your efforts help people that need it most. So pick a country or a health challenge that really motivates you and we will make sure that your fundraising goes towards those projects. We can also provide you with posters or presentations that focus on that particular country or topic.

Support people in a certain country
Help us fight a health emergency


What’s in it for you?

We also celebrate our Humanitarian Ambassadors at the end of each school year with formal recognition of the important role you play in our work. This recognition can include visits from our team to your school, opportunities to feature your work here on our website and where appropriate, we can provide employment or higher education references.

For the most committed Humanitarian Ambassadors, International Medical Corps offers summer work experience opportunities at our London headquarters.


How to get involved

The scheme has three levels, which allows you to get more involved depending on your age and how much time you have to contribute. Have a look at the different levels of the scheme and decide which type of Humanitarian Ambassador you want to be?

 [gn_fancy_link color=”black” link=”″]Level 1[/gn_fancy_link]    [gn_fancy_link color=”black” link=”″]Level 2[/gn_fancy_link]    [gn_fancy_link color=”black” link=”″]Level 3[/gn_fancy_link]

  • Speak to your school and teachers

If you want to get involved in the Humanitarian Ambassador Scheme, you need to find a teacher who is willing to help supervise the Scheme. Think of this as your first activity- finding a teacher that shares your enthusiasm and convincing them to help you take part

All the information that teachers need to know can be found on the Humanitarian Ambassador page


  • Get in Touch

We like to know all about our Humanitarian Ambassadors, so get in touch via e-mail. Once you have registered with us, we can provide advice, materials and whatever help you need.

Who to contact:      Josh Harris  –


  • Get started

Download the activities Ambassador activities pack and start planning to take action today.


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