For Teachers

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Our goal is to change the way that young people think about humanitarian aid and global health, but also to develop the skills and lifelong learning opportunities of students involved in the Humanitarian Ambassador scheme.

International Medical Corps has devised a comprehensive activities pack for students, full of ideas about how they can take action. These activities include awareness raising events, fundraising and creative opportunities designed to build their skills in areas such as writing, public speaking, event planning and social mobilisation.

International Medical Corps also supports the efforts of students with promotional materials; visits from our representatives; opportunities to feature their work on our global website and where appropriate, references for employment or higher education applications.

For the most committed Humanitarian Ambassadors, International Medical Corps offers summer work experience opportunities at our London headquarters.

Supporting Teachers

We also recognise the contribution of teachers in making the Humanitarian Ambassador scheme possible and seek to promote and support their work wherever possible.

International Medical Corps aims to make it as easy as possible for teachers to facilitate the efforts of our Humanitarian Ambassadors. Our team are always available to answer questions or concerns that teachers may have.

The success of the International Medical Corps’ school outreach and Humanitarian Ambassador scheme is based on the advice and guidance of committed teachers. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with teachers to improve the scheme and to discuss ways for those most committed to the scheme to become more involved.

Supporting Schools

International Medical Corps believes the community image of schools can only benefit from participation in the Humanitarian Ambassador scheme and we aim to support schools in publicising their involvement to the fullest extent possible.

The efforts of students and their schools will be regularly featured on the International Medical Corps global website.

Our media relations team are available to help schools reach out to the local press to promote activities, events and visits by International Medical Corps representatives.

We encourage schools to advertise their participation in the Humanitarian Ambassador scheme in any publications they consider relevant and are happy to answer questions from parents, governors or other interested individuals.


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