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Much of Cameroon is peaceful – though there are pockets of volatility close to borders with unstable neighbours, so it finds itself host to thousands of refugees fleeing violence in nearby countries.

The existing health care system struggles to meet the needs of its own people as well as the refugees who stream across the border in search of stability.

Quick Facts:

  • We began working in Cameroon in 2008 when refugees fled there from Central African Republic and provide vital support in the most insecure areas
  • Cameroon currently hosts over 184,356 refugees


Our Response

Primary health care We support refugees and the communities that host them in the hardest to reach rural areas of Cameroon, using mobile medical units which serve as pop-up clinics. We’re also providing support to Ministry of Health clinics and hospitals and training local health workers to build capacity.

Tackling sexual and gender-based violence We work with survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, including children and teenagers, to make sure they receive the health care and medicines they need and to help them reintegrate back into their schools and communities.

We’re working with local people – particularly community leaders – to prevent this type of violence with education and advocacy campaigns, and working with local social workers to ensure the support and care for survivors is ongoing.

Treating and preventing malnutrition amongst refugees Refugees in Cameroon are particularly at risk of malnutrition, so International Medical Corps runs nutrition programmes that target children under five, and for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding within refugee camps. Our local teams also offer education about nutrition, helping families get the most out of what food they have, and initiating community vegetable gardens so families can grow more nutritious foods.

Latest News

Hamidou’s Story

Hamidou is volunteering with us to support his community through food crises. He shares why he decided to join us to support his community:

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