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Photo Gallery: Tackling Malnutrition

Incredible images of our efforts to end hunger

A nation on the brink of crisis

Political violence|Hunger crisis|Disease outbreaks

In Spring 2015, street protests against the President of Burundi and an attempted military coup have caused tens of thousands of people to flee into neighbouring countries and created widespread suffering and hardship.

Between 1993 and 2005, Burundi was consumed in a brutal civil war that left an estimated 300,000 people dead – most of them civilians – and several hundred thousand displaced. The conflict crippled Burundi’s food production and health care systems.

Even once peace returned to Burundi, the country was left with some of the highest rates of malnutrition, maternal mortality and preventable disease anywhere in the world.

International Medical Corps has worked in Burundi since 1995, providing food, primary health care and violence against women programmes across the country.

Nutrition & food security: Working with the Ministry of Health, we train local staff to provide nutrition programmes for thousands of undernourished and malnourished children. We also help keep children under the age of two healthy by training and employing mothers to teach healthy nutrition practices to their communities, to stop malnutrition before it takes hold.

Violence against women: International Medical Corps is improving treatment and counselling for survivors of violence and we support clinics that offer medical and psychosocial care. We conduct workshops, awareness campaigns and community meetings to heighten understanding of the damaging consequences of violent attacks on women. Our financial and technical support enables local groups to run education campaigns through cultural performances and community meetings.

Primary health care: We have supported more than 70 health facilities in Burundi and operated mobile clinics serving “peace villages”— communities established to facilitate the return of an estimated 200,000 Burundian refugees who fled to neighbouring Tanzania in the early 1970s to escape ethnic fighting.

Training: In addition to providing thousands with basic health care, we’re also building local capacity. Our programmes offer training to local health care professionals, community-based health workers and community leaders.

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Escalating violence in Burundi

Escalating violence in Burundi

Volatile situation worsens

Since April, hundreds of people have been killed and over 200,000 have fled the country, many to neighbouring Tanzania. Further violence is causing serious concerns.

Fighting malnutrition in Burundi

Hunger in Burundi

Hunger in Burundi

Photo gallery: Nutrition in Burundi

Burundi has some of the highest rates of malnutrition amongst children under 5 anywhere in the world. The images show what we are doing to change that.

Baby Juma and his mum in Burundi tile

Struggle for life

Struggle for life

Young Juma

When he arrived at the hospital, 10-month-old Juma was severely malnourished and had digestive problems that left him unable to excrete waste. He arrived at International Medical Corps’ clinic just in time.

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