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Central African Republic

Olga's story

Channel 4's Unreported World captured a miraculous birth

Constant unrest and violence

500,000 homeless|Ongoing War|Crippled Health system

Central African Republic (CAR) has experienced almost constant unrest in recent decades and remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Violence is an everyday threat and with numerous armed groups operating throughout CAR, internal displacement and refugee movements are common.

In March 2013, conflict broke out again as a rebel coalition seized power in the capital, Bangui, amid widespread violence. The fighting and resulting displacement have put even greater pressure on CAR’s struggling health care system.

International Medical Corps is the main health care provider in three refugee camps in Haut Mbomou, Ouaka and Lobaye. We provide primary health care, clean water and sanitation projects and trainings that directly support children.

Primary health care: International Medical Corps provides primary health care, maternal and child health care and nutrition services through 12 medical centres and 20 mobile clinics in Vakaga and Haute-kotto districts. The people living in these communities are among the worst affected by the recent fighting in CAR.

Water, sanitation & hygiene: Around the town of Bria, in the north of CAR, International Medical Corps is constructing hundreds of latrines, wells and water pumps for people that have been forced from their homes. This reduces the risk of people becoming ill from water related diseases. Several of the latrines have been built in local primary schools which have re-started classes for the first time since the conflict began.

Training: International Medical Corps provides training programmes for community leaders and Central Africans who work directly with children and young people. By focusing on education, this approach will have a lasting effect on children’s safety and well-being in this conflict-affected region. Our projects focus on the protection of children and the reintegration of children affected by the conflict, particularly those who have been involved with armed groups.

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A clean hand champion

A clean hand champion

Training to save lives

"My name is Jean Alain Doulpanga and I am a Water Sanitation and Hygiene Promoter in the town of Bria, Central African Republic."

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A miraculous birth

A miraculous birth

Unreported World

Olga is a midwife working with International Medical Corps in a remote clinic in the Central African Republic, where women are 110 times more likely to die during childbirth than in the UK taking lifesaving care to women in the jungle.

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A ceasefire to save lives

A ceasefire to save lives

Dr Sekou negotiates

Dr. Sekou Conde has the steely, unflappable mien of a man who has lived and worked in dangerous environments most of his adult life and it was he who negotiated a ceasefire in CAR.

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Escaping gunfire

Escaping gunfire

Shelter from violence

Father Innocent was preparing for mass in his church, St Bernard’s, in Bangui the capital of Central African Republic, when he heard the panicked cries. He went outside to see people running from gunshots.

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Care in emergencies

Care in emergencies

Shelter from violence

When violence broke out in Central African Republic later in 2013, more than half a million people were displaced from their homes, many of them children in need of emergency care and support.


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