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Ending the outbreak

Meet 3 health workers who helped beat Ebola in Liberia

Recovering after the Ebola outbreak

4,700 deaths|Fragile health system|Ebola stigma

The largest outbreak of Ebola in history hit Liberia in 2014. More than 11,000 people died from the disease and millions have been affected by the disruption to Liberia’s health services.

At the height of the outbreak, hundreds of new cases were being confirmed every day, and hospitals across the country were forced to close their doors as health workers also succumbed to the disease in large numbers.

International Medical Corps was one of the first international NGOs to begin treating Ebola patients in Liberia. We set up two Ebola Treatment Units, in Bong County and in Kakata District. Over the course of the outbreak International Medical Corps treated 785 patients at our ETCs. 82 patients recovered from the disease at our facilities and were discharged free from Ebola.

On 9 May 2015, we welcomed the news that Liberia was declared free from Ebola transmissions. International Medical Corps continues to address Liberia’s longer-term needs by helping to rebuild the local health systems after the trauma of recent events.

Disease: International Medical Corps operates a rapid response helicopter that can be in the air in as little as one hour, transporting an entire mobile Ebola treatment unit and staff to an Ebola-affected area or transporting blood samples and Ebola patients.

Training: We developed trainings for agencies and personnel fighting the outbreak and a curriculum for the Government’s rapid response strategy to help bolster efforts to stop the virus.

Preparedness: To prevent further infections in existing health facilities, we expanded and enhanced triage and screening units in four hospitals across the country to check people as they arrive. More than 100,000 people have already been screened at these facilities.

Mental health: Our psychosocial team supports people who have survived Ebola, including talking with community members to help them understand that those who have been discharged are completely free of Ebola and help prevent them avoid stigma.

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Getting to Zero in West Africa

Getting to Zero in West Africa

Getting to Zero in West Africa

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When Ebola came to our village...

village in Liberia recovers

"I Got the Courage, Seeing My People Dying": Ebola Fighters Tell Their Stories

"I Got the Courage, Seeing My People Dying": Ebola Fighters Tell Their Stories


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A village heals

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Life after Ebola

Life after Ebola

Hear from the survivors

The inspiring stories of survivors of Ebola  from Sierra Leone and Liberia

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