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Photo gallery: Fighting violence against women

These stunning photos show how we helped educate about violence to women

Decades of war and insecurity

Malnutrition|Epidemics|Lack of health care

Rebel groups in northern Mali have led a decades-long fight against the government. The country was split after a coup removed the President in 2012, with armed Islamists controlling the north. Violence forced many from their homes leaving millions vulnerable to malnutrition, epidemics and lack of access to health care.

International Medical Corps has operated in Mali since early 2013 and delivers programmes in emergency health, nutrition and women’s and children’s health and protection.

Mali reported its first case of Ebola in November 2014, with a total of eight cases and six deaths. The country was declared Ebola-free on January 18. International Medical Corps’ rapid response teams are ready to quickly respond should an outbreak occur. We have built a training centre for the prevention and management of infectious diseases such as Ebola in Bamako, aimed at health care professionals and community members.

Primary health care: We support health clinics in remote areas around the city of Timbuktu. By providing medicines, training staff and recruiting qualified doctors and nurses, local people now have access to basic health care for the first time. We are also training community health workers to spread essential hygiene, reproductive health and nutrition messages.

Mothers & children: Our support ensures that children under 5 years old, pregnant women and new mothers will be regularly screened for signs of malnutrition and treatment will be available to prevent hunger. Pregnant women will have access to antenatal sessions with a trained professional and a safer environment to give birth.

Violence against women: Women often face a greater risk of rape and sexual violence during times of conflict and insecurity. International Medical Corps is taking action to protect survivors of violence and to reduce the risks to women in Mali by providing health staff with training and information.

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Fighting malnutrition amongst young children in Mali

Fighting malnutrition amongst young children in Mali

Fighting malnutrition amongst young children in Mali

Almost half a million children are at risk of acute malnutrition - and that figure is expected to rise

baby born in Mali tile

A best friend's love

A best friend's love

A mother's story

When Hadiziatu's best friend gave birth to her new son Ibrahima, the delivery was difficult and her best friend Aguissa tragically died. Hadiziatu knew she had to help the new baby survive.

16 days campaign against gender violence Mali tile

Mali's campaign against violence

Mali's campaign against violence

Photo gallery

International Medical Corps in Mali marked the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence with partners at Oxfam and photographer Vincent Trumeau. The campaign in Mali involves public displays of Vincent’s stunning photographs.

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