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South Sudan

Photo gallery: mothers & babies

A day in the life of our busy maternity clinic in Juba, South Sudan

The world's newest nation state

Civil war|1.2 million homeless|Malnutrition

After more than four decades of conflict to secure independence from Sudan, South Sudan became the world’s newest nation state in 2011. Thousands of South Sudanese citizens living in the north have been forcibly expelled back to South Sudan, placing a great strain on the young country’s fragile infrastructure.

In December 2012, civil war broke out between rival political factions within South Sudan, forcing tens of thousands of people to seek refuge in camps for internally displaced people. The ongoing political violence continues to undermine the fragile health system and severe food shortages are a constant threat.

International Medical Corps began working in the region in 1994 at the height of the civil war and we provide health care, mother and child, food and HIV/AIDS projects as well as building capacity in the local health system and providing medical training.

Primary health care: Our 48 primary health care facilities provide support to over 745,000 refugees, returnees and other vulnerable South Sudanese. We manage and operate a hospital in a volatile area near the border with Ethiopia, providing lifesaving medical care for those wounded by the ongoing violence.

Mothers & children: South Sudan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Our facilities provide emergency obstetric care, assisted deliveries, family planning and ante and postnatal care, while our midwifery schools train and certify midwives and nurses.

Food: We provide treatment and nutritional support to children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers working with community health workers to reach and educate those at the greatest risk of malnutrition.

Training: We work closely with the Ministry of Health and regional hospitals and health facilities to ensure our local counterparts receive training. The majority of staff members in our primary health care clinics are South Sudanese.

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"Gift from God"

"Gift from God"

"Gift from God"

A new life born amidst the horrors of war. 

Shoes in South Sudan left outside a meeting

Escaping a forced marriage

Escaping a forced marriage

Nyankon's story

When Nyankon faced marriage to a 50 year old man at just 15, her cousin who worked for International Medical Corps knew how to help

Lucia in Kodok South Sudan

Sexual violence in war

Sexual violence in war

Lucia's story

When women faced sexual violence, a terrible consequence of war in her home town in South Sudan, Lucia knew she had to help.

Malakal healing hurts of war

Healing the psychological wounds of war in South Sudan

Healing the psychological wounds of war in South Sudan

A city forced to seek refuge

Near constant fighting and violence has forced the entire population of Malakal to live in a UN camp

Risking his life to be a midwife

Risking his life to be a midwife

Tut's story

"All they needed to do was remove my hat and my life would be over"

Cholera immunisation South Sudan

Fighting Cholera

Fighting Cholera

An outbreak in South Sudan

A dangerous cholera outbreak in South Sudan threatened the lives of refugees living in Juba so we launched a vaccination campaign to reach more than 24,000 people.


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