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Photo Gallery: Vaccinations

Pakistan is one of only three countries in the world where polio is still endemic

Armed conflict and millions homeless

1.1m homeless|Prone to Floods|1.5m Afghani refugees

Armed conflict between militant fundamentalists and Pakistani security forces in recent years has created the world’s largest displaced population, including 1.8 million refugees – mainly from Afghanistan – and an undetermined number of internally displaced Pakistanis.

Floods in 2010 and again in 2011 put as much as a fifth of Pakistan’s land area underwater and officials estimate that up to 20 million people were affected.

International Medical Corps has worked in Pakistan since 1984 and where we provided basic medical training to young Afghan refugees who then returned home to treat people cut off from any health care. Since then International Medical Corps has provided lifesaving emergency responses to numerous major natural disasters in Pakistan, including the 2005 earthquake and floods in recent years.

Our ability to operate in Pakistan, despite the volatile security situation is based on our decades of experience working alongside local communities, government agencies and local NGOs. Whenever possible, we work with local partners to implement projects to ensure our support can deliver a lasting impact.

Primary health care: Today, International Medical Corps is the only organisation providing primary health care services to internally-displaced Pakistanis and Afghan refugees in four refugee camps along the border. Our teams of doctors, nurses and midwives provide basic health care, maternal and child health care and mental health services.

Mothers & children: In every Primary Health Care project we operate in Pakistan, including those for Afghan refugees, we provide support for pregnant women, new mothers and their babies, including antenatal and postnatal care.

Mental health: Our teams provide group and individual counselling to refugees and internally displaced people and we train doctors, nurses, midwives and community health volunteers on how to identify and treat common mental health issues.

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Aqal's Story

Aqal's Story

Aqal's Story

Aqal Bibi tried everything when she noticed lesions on her nose. Then she met International Medical Corps.

South Asia Earthquake

South Asia Earthquake

Emergency support in Afghanistan and Pakistan

We are providing lifesaving support for survivors of the devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Earthquake on 26 October

Earthquake on 26 October

7.5 magnitude earthquake felt across region

Our teams in Afghanistan and Pakistan are safe and accounted for and are identifying ways in which we can support relief efforts if needed

Polio vaccination campaign in Pakistan

Pakistan Vaccinations

Pakistan Vaccinations

Photo gallery: An end to Polio

We are supporting the Government of Pakistan to eradicate polio and other diseases through a major vaccination campaign in some of the most unstable and difficult areas of the country, along the borders with Afghanistan.

Treating Leishmaniasis in Pakistan

Treating Leishmaniasis

Treating Leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis in Pakistan

Leishmaniasis is an aggressive skin disease causing extremely painful open skin ulcers. We are treating and preventing the spread of the disease in three refugee villages of North West Pakistan.

Distributing blankets and medicines following Pakistan floods

Pakistan floods

Pakistan floods

Video: 6 Months Later

Our mobile clinics provided health care, hygiene services and psychosocial support to thousands of flood affected families in Pakistan's Sindh province.

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