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Noura's story

How one Syrian refugee went from a make-up artist to a mental health worker

Fighting across the country

250,000 refugees|1.5m homeless|Huge health needs

Over a decade has now passed since the start of the Iraq war. International Medical Corps are one of the few humanitarian organisations who have been able to deliver assistance to the Iraqi people non-stop since the US-led invasion in 2003.

Before the conflict started, our teams were on the ground providing primary health care services and training to Iraqi medical professionals and days after the fall of Saddam Hussein, our emergency response teams were working closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure vital services were maintained and some of the most vulnerable Iraqis were able to access medical care.

Recent fighting across the country has created a new humanitarian challenge to the international community. Our experience from years of working in Iraq’s most volatile, conflict affected regions leaves us with fears that the number of internally displaced persons could escalate to hundreds of thousands. The challenges are significant, but we are already redirecting resources to meet these new needs.

Primary & secondary health care: We are rehabilitating hospitals and local clinics, supplying medical equipment and training health care staff. Doctors, nurses and midwives trained by us are then employed to provide primary health care services.

Surgery: We also teach latest surgical procedures, best practices in medical and surgical case management and how to use the latest technology in imaging and radiation therapy.

Training: Our livelihoods training has helped give small business owners the tools become successful entrepreneurs. Families with a stable income are likely to be healthier, placing less burden on Iraq’s health care system.

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"The first step is always the hardest"

"The first step is always the hardest"

"The first step is always the hardest"

Suhad’s story


Elaf’s story

Elaf’s story

Elaf’s story

Access to education for women in Iraq


Bassam's story

Bassam's story

Bassam's story

“My dream is to realise peace everywhere in Iraq and rebuild what the war destroyed”

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The survivors of Mount Sinjar

The survivors of Mount Sinjar

The survivors of Mount Sinjar

"She has become a new person"


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