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Lubna's Story

Meet Lubna, a 26-year-old Syrian whose extraordinary life led her to help fellow refugees

Strain from huge refugee population

A million refugees|Health care needs|Skills shortage

As the conflict in Syria continues, the number of refugees travelling to neighbouring countries to escape the violence and insecurity has reached unsustainable levels, with more than one million seeking refuge in Lebanon.

Lebanon now has the highest per capita concentration of refugees anywhere in the world and for a small country beset by internal difficulties, the impact is staggering. International Medical Corps provides primary health care, community health education and mental health support to refugees and the Lebanese population. In addition, we work with Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese young people to provide the psychosocial support they need to come to terms with their lives as refugees.

We are working with the Government and United Nations to provide long-term assistance to Lebanon to ensure that country’s health system is not entirely overwhelmed by the influx of Syrian refugees.

Primary and secondary health care: We currently support 45 health centres that provide accessible, effective and affordable medical care to Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi refugees and Lebanese people in regions with the highest density of refugees. The focus is on keeping people healthy through routine physical examinations, antenatal care, immunisations, referrals and family planning. International Medical Corps also operates nine mobile medical units to reach remote areas. Since early 2013, International Medical Corps has provided over 300,000 primary health care consultations and reached over 680,000 Syrian refugees with health awareness sessions.

Mental health: International Medical Corps has provided mental health support in Lebanon since 2006 when we set up child-friendly spaces to provide children traumatised by war with a secure place to play. Following the influx of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, we expanded our services by training doctors and nurses to diagnose and treat moderate cases of mental illness and established mobile mental health services.

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a sad goodbye to syria

A sad goodbye to syria

A sad goodbye to syria

A sad goodbye to syria

Em Abed has found safety and comfort in Akkar after being treated by International Medical Corps consultants.

Sandstorm Lebanon

A major sandstorm hits Syrian refugees

A major sandstorm hits Syrian refugees

Tents offer limited protection

An unprecedented sandstorm hit Lebanon, Syria and surrounding countries causing as many as 6 deaths and more than 2,600 people were hospitalised.

We're continuing to provide support to #refugees as the deadly sandstorm continues in Lebanon & Syria #refugeecrisis

Hassan Adam tile

Injured but not broken

Injured but not broken

Hassan's Story

After he was hit by a bomb in Syria, he saw his friends killed and suffered terrible injuries which would change his life forever.


A life interrupted

A life interrupted

Lubna's story

At first glance, she looks like an ordinary middle class successful Arab woman with a quirky sense of humour. Lubna, 26, is a refugee from Syria and an International Medical Corps mental health worker. 

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