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Elias' Story

A new life after a bomb blast in Homs

The world's largest humanitarian crisis

More than 4 million refugees|7.6 million homeless|4 years of war

The conflict in Syria has created the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Syrians have become the largest refugee population in the world – forced from their homes by civil war that has been raging for four years.

More than 7.6 million people – over half of the population of Syria – are displaced inside the country. Over 4 million people have fled to the safety of neighbouring Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. The majority of those displaced by the fighting are women and children. The Syrian war shows no signs of ending and the suffering of the Syrian people continues month after month.

Children show signs of war-related post-traumatic stress, some women face sexual violence and the majority of Syrian refugees lost everything to escape the fighting, with many women leaving their husbands, brothers or fathers behind.

Despite the challenges of working in the volatile region, International Medical Corps is providing lifesaving health care and support to displaced Syrian refugees in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

We began operating in Syria in 2007 to support Iraqi refugees. Since then we have established ourselves as a key player in the health sector providing primary health care, mental health and psychosocial support services.

Primary and secondary health care: We operate mobile medical services and support health care facilities in and around Damascus providing a range of critical health services, including maternal and child health.

Mental health: We have provided mental health support and youth empowerment activities to Syrians affected by the conflict as well as Iraqi refugees still living inside Syria.

Training: Our health care experts have trained hundreds of doctors, nurses, community health workers and other health care providers. International Medical Corps is committed to investing locally in people to help communities and national systems cope with the scale of the crisis.

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Home Is Where One Starts From

Home Is Where One Starts From

Home Is Where One Starts From

A comic book for refugee children.

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Refugee camps of despair as desperate migrants forced to become child brides

A child at a consultation

Urgent support on the island of Leros

Urgent support on the island of Leros

Care for refugees

As hundreds of refugees arrive every day on the island of Leros, Greece, our medical teams with partners Praxis are there to help

a sad goodbye to syria

A sad goodbye to syria

A sad goodbye to syria

A sad goodbye to syria

Em Abed has found safety and comfort in Akkar after being treated by International Medical Corps consultants.

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