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Refugee Response

Refugee Response

Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants have made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean to reach Europe.


1 million refugees & migrants|Fleeing conflict|Dangerous journey

More than one million refugees and migrants have made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean to reach Europe last year - far surpassing the 219,000 who arrived in 2014.

Over 800,000 of the new arrivals have landed in Greece, placing significant strain on the country which is already in the midst of a financial crisis.

Those arriving are primarily fleeing conflict and insecurity; the vast majority are refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Deteriorating weather conditions are beginning to have an impact on the sea crossing. International Medical Corps is working with local partners to provide assistance in Serbia, Greece and Turkey.

In Serbia, International Medical Corps – along with our partner, International Aid Network - are providing medical care and psychosocial support to refugees passing through that country. 

In Greece International Medical Corps is partnering with Programs of Development, Social Support, and Medical Cooperation (PRAKSIS) to assist refugees as they pass through Greece.  In the Greek Islands, where reception centers are overwhelmed by the volume of arrivals. International Medical Corps and PRAKSIS have launched a medical unit in Samos to supplement local capacity.

In Turkey International Medical Corps is working with local partners, such as the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM), to assist refugees passing through and settled on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Together, International Medical Corps and ASAM are ensuring refugees have sufficient access to medical care and basic services.

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