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Photo Gallery: Jennifer's story

10 year old Jennifer from South Sudan was shot in the wrist. Our surgical team operated within the hour and saved her hand

Bringing surgical skills to the most isolated places

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In many of the countries where we work, there is a serious shortage of skilled doctors and medical experts. As the type of medical care becomes more specialist and highly skilled, the number of doctors with the necessary training and expertise often shrinks to very low figures.

Estimates from 2012 suggest there are only eight South Sudanese surgeons currently working in a country of more than 11 million people. Our surgical teams in countries like Chad, Cameroon and South Sudan provide an invaluable resource to communities where injuries that are considered minor and routine in Europe, can be life threatening or cause a lifetime of disability.

A surgical unit built by International Medical Corps at the Guereda Hospital in Chad in 2012 means more than 110,000 people in nearby towns, villages and refugee camps now have access to specialist care.

The most common operation carried out at the facility are caesarean sections, saving the lives of hundreds of women and their babies each year.

International Medical Corps maintains a worldwide roster of medical experts, including surgeons, able to deploy to humanitarian emergencies whenever needed. In the hours and days immediately following a natural disaster, these teams are deployed to save lives and limbs of those injured. 

Following the Nepal Earthquake in April 2015, International Medical Corps’ team of surgeons worked out of Kathmandu’s main hospital repairing severe fractures, infections and tissue loss using a specialised technique to repair the patients’ skin. The hospital was not stocked with the appropriate technology and our doctors were forced to improvise with donated materials.

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Providing healthcare in Libya

Providing healthcare in Libya

Providing healthcare in Libya

"I am hopeful I can be with my children again soon"

Hassan Adam tile

Injured but not broken

Injured but not broken

Hassan's Story

After he was hit by a bomb in Syria, he saw his friends killed and suffered terrible injuries which would change his life forever.

jennifer malakal nora tile

Surgery under siege

Surgery under siege

Jennifer's story

10 year old Jennifer was shot in the wrist by unknown assailants while her family tried to walk from Malakal town to the UN base. Read her story

Libyan War

Libyan War

Photo gallery: War in Libya

These photos document the bravery of our medical teams and the impact of our work during the 2011 Libyan war.

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