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A Syrian refugee in Iraq

A Syrian refugee in Iraq


A young Syrian refugee travelled through Turkey to Iraq where she is using her clinical training to support others

Supporting refugees with education

Forced from Syria by war|Studies interrupted|Working in health

bombing in Aden

In October 2014, Goline, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee, left her birthplace, Qamishly, with her husband. They first went to Turkey but then moved to Erbil because they had family members there. She was studying Clinical Laboratory in Hassakeh, Syria.

I still remember the sound of the bombs. On October 6, 2014, there was very heavy bombing, and many people died. We fled on foot to the Turkish border. We could not take many clothes because we had to walk and could not carry a heavy bag. We walked for nine hours until we reached the border. Then we decided to move to Erbil to join family members already settled there.

A career helping others

gosline in erbil at a session

I was offered a job in a laboratory in Erbil, but I refused it because I wanted a job in which I could connect with people. I have been working for International Medical Corps for three months now. I organise awareness sessions on communicable diseases and health education. The daily interaction with people in need makes me feel useful because I am helping my own people who went through the same experience of trauma, displacement and war.

I miss being in my country, my home and I hope we will return one day.

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